Amy Robach meets Andrew Shue during a romance with TJ Holmes

Amy Robach was first seen with her estranged husband Andrew Shue since news of her affair with TJ Holmes broke.

The suspended “GMA3” anchor met Shue Friday morning at a Greenwich Village park to hand over their beloved Maltipoo, Brody, as part of a shared custody agreement.

Dressed in jeans, brown high-heeled boots and a fleece, Robach appeared dejected as she spoke to the “Melrose Place” alum, who looked casual in a gray light puffer jacket, hoodie, black sweatpants and sneakers.

The duo seemed friendly, if slightly tense, chatting briefly before heading in opposite directions.

Amy Robach and Andrew Shue, with a dog, talking
Amy Robach was spotted with her estranged husband, Andrew Shue, for the first time since news of her affair.

Page Six reported in early December that Robach and Shue were already close to finalizing their divorce after he moved out over the summer.

“They had constant problems over the years and eventually broke up,” a source shared with us at the time.

Amy Robach talks to Andrew Shue as he leads their dog
The formal couple met to exchange custody of their dog, Brody.

Perhaps during their brief conversation, Robach, 49, gave 55-year-old Shue an update on her grueling job at ABC. As Page Six reported Friday, both Robach and her co-anchor turned boyfriend are likely dating “GMA3” following their clandestine fling.

“They haven’t ended yet, but I don’t expect TJ to be active again,” an insider told me. “They want Amy to stay and be a part of things there, but probably not on ‘GMA3’.”

Amy Robach talks to Andrew Shue with their dog
The “Melrose Place” alum and ABC journalist seemed cordial, if tense.
Andrew Shue keeps his dog on a leash
After a brief conversation, Robach and Shue went their separate ways.

Holmes’s romance with Robach seemed to be the beginning of his downfall, as he was revealed to be involved in other workplace affairs involving subordinate female employees; however, the 45-year-old Holmes thought he would be approved by the network.

“Of course he takes [the review] seriously, but he’s convinced he didn’t do anything wrong that would make him lose his job,” a source told us at the time.

amy robach and tj holmes
Robach remains in a relationship with her co-anchor, TJ Holmes.
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With the firing looming, we’re told the duo have “hired lawyers to deal with [negotiating].” As it turns out, Robach has enlisted celebrity civil attorney Andrew Brettler to represent her while Holmes teams up with Eric George.

Andrew Shue and Amy Robach
Page Six reported in early December that Shue and Robach were close to finalizing their divorce.
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Meanwhile, we learn that the Mouse House wants to replace Holmes with DeMarco Morgan, who replaced Holmes.

Neither attorney has responded to Page Six’s requests for comment.

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