Andrew Callaghan publishes video apology after allegations of sexual misconduct, plans to start therapy and Alcoholics Anonymous

Independent filmmaker and media personality Andrew Callaghan, who rose to prominence for his comedic man-on-the-street Channel 5 interviews on YouTube and a new HBO documentary “This Place Rules,” has shared a video apology to allegations of sexual assault. address misconduct. levied against him for the first time in early January.

In the nearly five-minute video, posted on a YouTube channel credited to Callaghan on Sunday afternoon, the 25-year-old speaks to the camera, responding to the allegations against him and sharing that he intends to seek professional treatment to address his past problems. behaviour.

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“I hadn’t realized I had this pattern that had affected several people. I want to apologize for my silence. When this stuff first came out I was in a state of denial and shock,” Callaghan stated. “I was sued by my closest associates and my name was printed in 40 different news outlets, next to the words ‘sexual misconduct’. I just ended up in a mental health crisis. I’m fine now, but I don’t really think this is about me. This is about the people I’ve affected. So I just want to express my full sympathy, support and respect for everyone I’ve done wrong. I really want to do better and be fully responsible for everything I’ve done.”

Earlier in January, a woman named Caroline Elise claimed Callaghan had stayed at her home and was “carrying [her] down” with requests to have sex. “It’s even harder to have to relive the trauma I endured every day seeing this man as a social justice warrior, as someone who cares about human rights, given a platform,” Elise said in a TikTok. “You shouldn’t support him.”

Another woman named Dana came forward a few days later and claimed Callaghan pressured her to have sex: “I told him to stop. I told him several times to get rid of me,” she said in a video posted to TikTok.

“I’ve always taken ‘no’ for an answer, as far as consent is concerned. I never crossed that line. But I think I want to have a more nuanced and important conversation about power dynamics, pressure and coercion,” Callaghan says in the new video. “For a long time I behaved in a way that I actually thought was normal. I thought going home from the bar alone made you a loser. I thought perseverance was a form of flattery… I want to be fully responsible for not having a fluid understanding of consent.”

Callaghan also states that several stories about him online are “untrue” and “miss important contextual information”. He also shares that he plans to begin therapy sessions and the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step program, taking a “serious step back from public life.”

“Not to blame alcohol, but I do believe that alcohol was a contributing factor to my poor decision-making,” says Callaghan.

Callaghan’s video ends with an apology to his associates and friends: “You don’t deserve this and I love you. That said, if you never want to watch Channel 5 again, I understand.”

Callaghan had previously responded to the allegations against him through a legal representative, who stated that “repeated requests for money” had been made. “Andrew promises to be better in this regard as he reminds his audience that while even one concerned partner is too much, there are always multiple sides to a story,” read a statement released Thursday.

Check out Callaghan’s apology below.

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