Ben Affleck reveals what J.Lo whispered in his ear at the Grammys

It was the awkward Grammy Awards moment seen by millions around the world — and now Ben Affleck has finally revealed what Jennifer Lopez said to him during their viral exchange. Speak against The Hollywood Reporter, Affleck said that despite the memes of him looking absolutely miserable, he was having a “good time”. Affleck explained, “I saw [host Trevor Noah approach] and I was like ‘Oh, God.’ They framed us in this shot, but I didn’t know they were rolling. I leaned against her and thought, “As soon as they start rolling, I’ll slip away from you and let you sit next to Trevor.” She says, ‘You better not leave.’” Affleck described the interaction as “a husband-and-wife thing.” He continued: “I don’t keep up. My wife, of course. And yes, it’s your wife’s work event. And I’ve gone to events and been pissed off. I’m gone and bored. I’ve been to awards shows and been drunk, a bunch. No one ever said I’m drunk. [But at the Grammys] they were like, ‘He’s drunk.’ And I thought, that’s interesting. That raises a whole other question about whether or not it is wise to recognize addiction, because there is a lot of compassion, but there is still a huge stigma, which is often quite inhibiting.”

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